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The Tools You Already Have To Succeed In Tough Times

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Galit Laibow | Greg Fleishman | Sarah Michelle Gellar | Foodstirs Junk-Free Bakery | Greg Fleishman CPG Investor | Founder | CEO | Board Director
Greg Fleishman CPG Investor | Founder | CEO | Board Director

This week, we’re joined by Greg Fleishman, the co-founder and CEO of clean label baking mix and snack company Foodstirs. A veteran marketing executive with over two decades of experience working with startup brands, including Kashi, Suja and Sambazon, Fleishman is no stranger to the constant challenges that are common to entrepreneurial companies. And he believes that it’s the daily ebbs and flows of running a business that provide entrepreneurs with the capabilities to navigate the uncertainties of the Covid-19 crisis.

As part of our conversation, Fleishman discussed how he’s applied lessons learned from his career into Foodstirs, which, like many companies, had to rethink its business strategy and adapt to a new consumer environment within a matter of weeks. He also explained how to manage and enhance relationships with retail buyers, why it’s critical to leverage every resource at your disposal and why consumer communication is the one thing that keeps him up at night.

0:38: Time To Step Into The “Spotlight.” Plus, Puffs, Protein and Pop. – The episode opens with a discussion about a new feature on BevNET and NOSH called Brand Spotlight, a platform which showcases new, updated and emerging brands. The hosts also spoke about notable products encountered over the past week, including avocado-based puffs, a spirit-sounding plant-based protein bar, a new brand of probiotic sodas and a “special” aperitif.

12:09: Interview: Greg Fleishman, Co-Founder/CEO, Foodstirs – Fleishman, who previously appeared in Taste Radio episodes 69 and 110, spoke with Taste Radio editor Ray Latif about why brands that serve a social purpose and mission are often more successful than others and shared a brief history of Foodstirs as a baking kit brand and the company’s decision to expand into ready-to-eat products. He also discussed how the Covid-19 crisis kickstarted a resurgence in home baking and why he believes it will continue for years to come, why he encourages entrepreneurs to “be a camel, not a unicorn” and the importance of collaborating with retail buyers when formulating an innovation strategy. Later, he explained why ambassadors are key to Foodstirs’ marketing initiatives and how he considers tone when crafting copy for social media and advertising campaigns.

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