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Turning Rejection Into Triumph: How Sarah Michelle Gellar & Her Co-Founders Built A New Baking Brand

“I need to make a decision on this,” says Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Her two co-founders, Galit Laibow and Greg Fleishman, stop chatting and join in. It’s mid-November, and they’re standing in the center of their Los Angeles startup office: a converted garage half a block from a pot dispensary, with two rows of desks in the back, a shared office-slash-conference room for the co-founders up front and the words what’s up batches?! towering above a kitchen in the middle.

This is Foodstirs, their baking-mix company, and in a week’s time, Gellar is going to be on Harry Connick Jr’s show, Harry, promoting their products by baking… something. But what? That’s the decision.

The next minute is rapid-fire: The trio seem to seek consensus largely by talking over each other excitedly and animatedly as if advancing a collective thought.

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